How Do You Use Catnip?

How to use catnip toys:

If a toy gets wet from a drooly cat, dry it out.

Quality toys will last longer than cheaper toys with more stuffing than catnip.

Replace or repair torn toys.

Revive an old toy by putting it in a bag with loose dried catnip.

Hide extra catnip toys in a bag in your freezer so your cat won’t find it. It makes it last longer, too.

How to use loose catnip

Put a pinch on the floor during play time.

Put a pinch on your cat’s food to stimulate appetite.

Rub it on new scratching posts and cat beds to encourage your cat to use them.

Put small cat toys in a bag with some catnip for a few days to infuse the scent.

You can make a simple cat toy by tying catnip into a sock or piece of cloth.

Refillable catnip toys are available.

How to use fresh catnip
You can use a catnip plant instead of cat grass. Grow a pot inside or grow a plant in the garden and bring in a few leaves at a time.

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